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kelvin wake deformer Arnold & Maya - c++

Publié le 3 Mars 2014 par julien.silvestre

Implementation of kelvin wake displacement shader and a deformer. Based on : " Kelvin Wigly hullform by David Brown"


- displacement shader for arnold : http://juliensilvestre.com/overblog/wakeArnold1.png


- maya deformer : http://juliensilvestre.com/overblog/deformerMaya.JPG


- deformer on top/ shader on bottom : http://juliensilvestre.com/overblog/wakeDeformer_wakeArnold.png

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wave tidal deformer Maya c++

Publié le 26 Juin 2013 par julien.silvestre

wave tidal deformer Maya c++ from Silvestre Julien on Vimeo.


Here is my first plugin for maya in c++ 

A wave/tidal deformern this is a "conversion" of my previous wave deformer done in Houdini (https://vimeo.com/64952582)

On the second part of the video i've use my deformer with the hot Ocean Deformer from : http://nico-rehberg.de/shader.html


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C++ Deformer - Maya

Publié le 20 Juin 2013 par julien.silvestre dans 3D

Here two deformer in c++ for maya:

wave Deformer:




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Accumulate value over time - houdini

Publié le 9 Juin 2013 par julien.silvestre

Here is a custom personnal tool for houdini wich allow to accumulate a value over the time with a diffuse (or not) effect:

Below some example of use with ocean's cusp value after 53 frames:


Accumulate with a factor of 0.9:


Without accumulate:



Accumulate with a factor of 1:


A short video here:

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kelvin wake deformer softimage ICE / C++

Publié le 24 Mai 2013 par julien.silvestre

I am trying to create a kelvin wake deformer based on : "Kelvin Wave generation - Wigly hullform by David Brown" -> http://www.thecove.org.uk/NavalArchitecture/NAIndex.html (thanks to Shlyaev).
I've decided to create a c++ compound in a way to learn the process between C++ and ice.
Below some pictures of the ice compound.




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Tidal Wave deformer WIP

Publié le 10 Avril 2013 par julien.silvestre dans 3D



Here is a wip of a wave deformer that i am working on my free time for pleasure and for learn houdini.

Actually this wave deformer can setup different thing:
- wave curl
- wave dip
- get back attribute for shading: concave&convex, up&down, intensity
- adding some noise (Up and Down)
- local subdivision
- restitution for shading displacement/texturing

The wave is controlled by a null (Guide Geometry) directly in the digital asset.

I've use essentially the vopsop node and no spline warp deformation, wave deformation is done by matrix rotation.
I am completely new to houdini, so any tips and critics are welcomed.



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Wip : Island

Publié le 25 Mars 2013 par julien.silvestre

Below an early wip (not finished at all) of on a simple project make on my free time in a way to play and and learn new technique.

For this picture i use : softimage & Ice (modeling, render), worldmachine (terrain modeling> heightmap exported to ice and mapping), speddtree (tree), vue (custom hdr for lighting in softimage) and nuke (compositing).

Actually i am not satisfed of the result, a lot of thing need to be changed and/or corrected (ocean wave size, island shader/texture ...)


viewport screen:




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Squash Stretch Volume Preservation Softimage ICE (fstretch like)

Publié le 11 Décembre 2012 par julien.silvestre dans 3D



Squash Stretch Volume Preservation Softimage ICE from Silvestre Julien on Vimeo.

Try of squash stretch and volume preservation like fstretch plugin on Maya

Exemple of use during the video:

- deform a mesh

- drive tension and compression of point to rendering (via weightmap)

- deform mesh with volume preservation

- deform by blendshape or custom pointposition...

For this video i've use the malcom rig from animschool.com


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